6/2008 – The “Difesa Adriatica” for its readers abroad

To give our readers abroad easier access to our monthly newspaper, the ANVGD central office has decided to cancel all shipping costs.
This means that, from now on, our subscribers in Europe, Oceania, the Americas and Africa will not need to send any sum of money whatsoever for their subscriptions. The same policy will apply for any new subscribers abroad.
We invite all our readers to let us know of any prospective subscribers, especially in light of the fact that every issue has a section of articles translated in Spanish and English.

Articles in English and Spanish on our Website

While on the subject, our readers should know that the English- and Spanish-language articles found in the “Difesa” can also be found on our website, with easy access: just click on the proper section in the right-hand column.
 The last three months’ articles can be found online, along with the usual three months’ archive of all “Difesa” articles. They all deal with subjects pertinent to the history and life of our people in exile. Whenever possible, we ask you to spread the word amongst our communities in South America, the U.S., Canada and Australia.


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